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Who We Are?

OpusTech Sdn. Bhd. is the developer and owner of the proprietary OpusSoft, which is Malaysia’s first commercially recognized online Journal Management System. OpusTech Sdn. Bhd. is a company incorporated in Malaysia in November 2018. OpusTech is driven by the founders’ passion to provide an online platform and to digitalize scientific journal publication process of especially young and emerging journals in Malaysia and abroad towards indexing and global recognition.

first commercially recognized online
Journal Management System
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About OpusSoft


Designed to enhance work flow efficiency and quality of journal publication work

OpusSoft is a cloud-based, integrated scholarly and scientific manuscript submission, management and review tracking system. It is designed to enhance work flow efficiency and quality of journal publication work. The system facilitates electronic manuscript submission, speeds up the review process that are usually handled manually at a cost and ultimately shortens publication time while ensuring quality at every major milestone of a journal publication process.

Total Solution Provider

The OpusSoft system offers unique yet affordable system functionalities and editorial services – a class apart from similar systems at big price tags by our competitors!

All correspondences are done via automated emails and clocked alerts. That means no more traditional emailing stuff and missed deadlines. Solicitation and registration of reviewers are made online, and potential reviewers for an incoming manuscript are instinctively identified by a patented feature of the system.


First of its kind. Proudly developed in Malaysia.

Our system enables greater accessibility and visibility useful to promote your journal on par with other journals in the league. OpusSoft measures major journal quality metrics in a real-time dashboard. It is specifically designed to provide easy access of information by indexing committees and authorities such as the CSAB (Scopus®) during the journal title review process.


Manuscript Processed






Publishers / Editorials
  • System-based editorial management - No more delays or missed deadlines

  • Embedded similarity checking engine -

    Quality assurance

  • Real-time analytics - Journal quality and performance metrics in a single dashboard for reporting and indexing purposes

  • Online reviewer registration and automated domain allocation - Facilitates assignment of manuscripts later

  • Automated review outcome and status notifications - Real-time tracking for quality assurance

  • Cloud hosting - Faster, secure and reliable data availability and accessible from anywhere

  • Editable email templates

  • Copy editing and payment gateway - Value-adding services


  • Online manuscript submission<//p>

  • Automated review process and status tracking - Real time tracking and timely response to avoid delays in manuscript

  • Online copyright transfer and proof-reading documentation - All authors are informed about this crucial legal process; no more unproductive authorship disputes


  • Online reviewer registration and appointment - Automated Letter of Appointment; manual preparation and mailings will become things of past

  • Direct respond to review assignments - Avoids the normally tedious process of accepting or declining review of a manuscript

  • Automated review process and status tracking - Real time tracking and timely response to avoid delays in manuscript

  • Author / Reviewer single login - Advance login feature and a seamless experience

We Help You To Enhance Publication Workflow

  • Online Manuscript Submission

  • Similarity Checking

  • Pre-screening Decision

  • Initial Acceptance for Review

  • Reviewer Assignment

  • Reviewer Report

  • Re-submission for Final Acceptance

  • Final Editorial Decision

  • Copy Editing

  • Proof-reading

  • Copyright Transfer

  • Final Online Publication



“MJM’s operations have been mostly manual since its inaugural issue 13 years ago. OpusSoft has helped enhance our workflow efficiency to a great extent in the last 2 years. The cloud-based platform is not only packed with standard functionalities normally found in other journal management systems but also includes editable email templates and real time metrics critical to maintaining MJM’s indexing in major databases. All these at a reasonable price tag.”

“I find OpusSoft’s features on par with a few other popular online systems through which manuscripts were assigned to me for review. The automated reminder emails help me to keep up with time but the cool thing about OpusSoft is that I am not burdened with more than two manuscripts at any overlapping time periods. Smart indeed! Great to know OpusSoft is a Malaysian product.”

“I am able to use a single login credential to access the system to function both as a Reviewer and also to submit manuscripts as an Author. From initial submission to final acceptance and uploading of proof of payment, using OpusSoft is a breeze!”

Our Clients

Malaysian Journal of Microbiology

International e-Journal of Science, Medicine and Education

Tropical Biomedicine

Jurnal Veterinar Malaysia

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